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5.0 rating

5 out of 5 stars (based on 29 reviews)

Don't give up on your partner!

5.0 rating

Amazing product!! Do your relationship a favor and try it out! We’ve been using SpicyBox for a few months now and we haven’t felt this connected in a while. Don’t give up on your partner, sometimes you just need a little help spicing things up! Thank you, SpicyBox!

Adriana Campos

Best investment for my relationship.

5.0 rating

This is the best investment I made for my relationship. After a while, it gets hard to come up with new date ideas. SpicyBox has been a huge help in bringing back the sparks!

Hillary James

We're back in the mood

5.0 rating

I haven’t felt this sexy in a long time. Every month, our SpicyBox is filled with passion tips for both my husband and I, and they have really put us back in the mood. I feel desired by him again! The lingerie is also super cute.

Debra Wilson

We had the best time!

5.0 rating

When we got our first SpicyBox, we hired a nanny and couldn’t wait to get started on our first date. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for others, but I promise you will have the best time with your hubby or lover! If you need help spicing up your love life, you’re at the right place.

Stacy Hyes

My husband loved it.

5.0 rating

Wow! After 8 years of marriage and 3 kids I never thought my husband and I could go back to the way we were when we first started dating. I thought, this is just the way it is now. My friend actually gave me a SpicyBox as a gift and we couldn’t believe how much fun we had. It made us focus on just each other and get playful again. I of course joined the subscription and we’re feeling the passion every time! Thank you, Spicybox!!

Miranda Walters

I'm hooked

5.0 rating

SpicyBox has really helped bring back the spark in our relationship. I tried the monthly subscription and got hooked. My boyfriend and I really thought it was important for us to go on these unique dates year round, so we joined the 12-month subscription! The passion tips helped us become more intimate and try new things, and I’m just so happy we’re getting things back on track.

Linda Dudley

We would be lost without SpicyBox!

5.0 rating

My husband and I have very busy schedules and we would always talk about needing to go out more. We would barely go on dates because we didn’t exactly make the time to plan anything. We would end up doing the same old, same old when we got home. One night, I googled tips and ideas for dates and came across SpicyBox! Now, I get so excited every time our box arrives in the mail! It means my hubby and I are going to spend an amazing time together and we get surprised every time! Thank goodness for their date ideas, we would be lost without them!

Jackie Leon

I loved my box

5.0 rating

I loved my box!! My boyfriend really appreciated the idea, haha!
We have a good and passionate love life, but there’s always room to
spice things up! So happy I subscribed!

Donna Woodruff

Perfect for my relationship

5.0 rating

The 12 month subscription is perfect for us! It is one of the
best investments we’ve made for our marriage and love life! We’re
having spicy dates year-round.


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