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5.0 rating

5 out of 5 stars (based on 29 reviews)

Exceeded my expectations

5.0 rating

This review is LONG overdue. My husband and I are firm believers in continuing to strengthen our relationship and spend quality time together. Add a new baby to the mix and dating becomes difficult. I was skeptical at first but SpicyBox TOTALLY exceeded my expectations. My husband and I have learned more about each other (intimately and emotionally) and have been having amazing and unforgettable nights.


Thank you SpicyBox!

5.0 rating

I just want to say thank you SpicyBox!! Every month is like Christmas for my relationship. I get so excited to spend time with my boyfriend using your date ideas and items. We’ve been having a blast and I love the way it has increased our affection. We are now that annoying couple that’s all over each other and I love it!!! Haha.

Stella Grant

It works!!

5.0 rating

Yes! Finally something that works and isn’t full of cliche advice and tips!!!! SpicyBox knows how to connect couples on a deep and intimate level. If you need to reignite the passion with your husband, this is it.

Terry Norton


5.0 rating

Just like everyone is saying, this monthly box is a lifesaver to my marriage. With years of being together and having kids, there’s nothing wrong with getting help to spice up your love life. It is completely normal and healthy since you’re choosing to work on your relationship. That’s true love!

Bernice Crawford


5.0 rating

Love love love SpicyBox!! The passion tips are so fun and flirty and the date ideas are something we would have never thought of doing. I am so grateful I came across this product.

Roberta Reyes

highly recommend.

5.0 rating

This product is something all couples should try out. They will all be surprised by how helpful it is to bring back intimacy in your relationship. My husband and I have gotten so much closer since starting our subscription. Highly recommend.

Kimberly Cook

Great for connecting with your loved one!

5.0 rating

My honey and I love these boxes! They get us doing things that I think are very important foundations of our relationship – being intimate, affectionate, talking, laughing and being more open with each other!

Chelsea Keenan

very well thought out!

5.0 rating

SpicyBox is very well thought out. The price point is perfect for everything that’s included. My husband and I love the date ideas!! It takes the planning part out of it and it gives us something to look forward to. 🙂


I love SpicyBox!

5.0 rating

I love SpicyBox! It is the best product for couples!! My fiance and I have gotten so much closer since starting our subscription. You won’t regret it!!

Kristin Hemmingway

We really enjoyed ourselves.

5.0 rating

We recently completed our first SpicyBox and really enjoyed ourselves. I was VERY skeptical going in, but enjoyed working through the date ideas/passion tips with my wife. Just the right level of passion and relationship building. It was a nice break from another night of “Where do you want to eat?” I’m looking forward to the next one arriving.

Brad W.

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