How to Discuss Sexual Desires With Your Partner

If the idea of sharing your fantasies makes you embarrassed, welcome to the club. Talking about sex is a vulnerable act, and voicing your desires can leave you feeling self-conscious and exposed. At SpicyBox, our goal is to help couples create loving, long-term relationships filled with intimacy and passion. We know that good communication can translate to some big benefits in the bedroom.  

But how do you talk to your other half about sex, and is there a way to have the conversation without hurting their feelings? For those who are unsure where to start, SpicyBox is here to help. Our date night box was founded by two friends who have been married for years but found their romances to be less than exciting. Together, they built a one-of-a-kind monthly subscription service that gives couples real passion tips and special items to spark the romance once again. 

Be open to discussion

Before discussing a sensitive topic like sex, couples should agree to be as nonjudgmental and open as possible. This conversation is not a critique of your partner, but a way to open the door for new experiences. First, take a moment to compliment them on the things you do like about your sex life before making any requests. Then come up with a list of three simple things you want to try or improve on. 

Once you’ve started sharing your thoughts and feelings about sex, make sure to check in on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to bring up any new desires that come up, whether you want to try a new position or have them pay more attention to certain parts of your body. Whatever it is, establish a relationship where it’s okay to talk about desires openly and without fear. 

Learn these conversation starters

Here at SpicyBoc, we know there’s always something new you can learn about your partner. This is why we offer resources such as conversation prompts to get the discussion moving in the right direction. These open-ended prompts allow you to reflect on your sex life in a positive light. Who knows, you may even be surprised to learn that your partner has the same desires as you! 

  • How about we try… 
  • I feel most turned on when… 
  • I think you look best when you’re wearing… 
  • My favorite way to pleasure you is… 
  • One new thing I would like to explore is… 

Let’s talk about sex! 

Developing good communication about what you want is so important for maintaining a long and healthy intimate life with your partner. So, speak up and make sex a regular part of your conversations together. It is impossible to expect someone to know what you want unless you tell them. None of us are mind readers – so be open about your needs and expectations. 

SpicyBox has helped countless couples become more intimate through the use of subscription date night boxes. It is our hope that couples use these boxes, along with our passion tips, to express their desires. Learn more by ordering your first SpicyBox today.

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