How to be Flirtatious With Your Partner

How to be Flirtatious With Your Partner

Early on in a romantic relationship, flirting comes easily. As you feel more comfortable and secure in your relationship, flirting tends to fall to the wayside. While it’s common to lose some of the initial excitement and spontaneity from when you first met, flirting isn’t just a tool for attracting a new partner. It has the double benefit of improving the sexual and emotional parts of your relationship.

If you need a little help to get started, SpicyBox gives couples the opportunity to try something new and adventurous every month through our subscription date night boxes. If your flirting skills are a bit rusty, try practicing the simple steps below.

Write (or text!) suggestively

Not sure how to flirt face to face? Love notes are an easy way to surprise your loved one and bring a smile to their face at the most unexpected times. You can leave little flirty messages on the refrigerator or kitchen counter if you wake up before they do. If you happen to pack their lunch for work, grab a sticky note and hide it in their bag.

Texting is another valuable tool if handwritten notes aren’t your thing. It only takes a few seconds to type, and finding the right message can keep your partner dreaming of you all day long. Try one of these to get started:

  • I love the way you kiss me
  • You make me melt
  • Let’s have some fun after work!
  • I’m still thinking about last night…

Touch more

Physical touch is one of the most popular and well-known love languages between couples. The best thing about flirting through touch is that there’s no real planning or effort involved. Hugging, cuddling, and holding hands is a great start, but also consider a long, lingering brush of the hand or playing footsie under the table. Employing these moves, whether you’re alone or in public, shows your partner how much you desire them.

Compliment, and compliment often

It’s always great to hear that your partner finds you sexy! When couples have been together for years, they’re very likely to feel insecure about some aspects of themselves. Giving a flirty compliment not only boosts their self-confidence but reminds you why you fell in love with them in the first place. A meaningful compliment is both positive and genuine, so hone in on their best features and target those specifically. If they have amazing, full lips, or gorgeous eyes, don’t be afraid to tell them so.

It’s time to get flirty

Being a good flirt has always been a big part of the dating experience. But many couples don’t realize it’s equally as important long after you engage in a committed relationship. Here at SpicyBox, we design our date night subscription boxes with simple instructions and unique items to reignite that spark and make it easier for couples to engage with each other. Since there’s no guesswork or planning on your end, you can focus on simply growing closer with your partner. Now go get your flirt on!

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