Do You Have An Intimate Relationship? Take Our Quiz!

From a young age, we’ve all been taught to believe in the idea of romantic love. The truth is that there’s more to romance and intimacy than long walks on the beach. Intimacy is a state of emotional wellbeing, a deep connection that we feel when we’re around our partner. Unfortunately, a lack of connection and intimacy is one of the main reasons why couples break up.

At SpicyBox, we help couples enhance their relationship through our subscription date night box. With each box, couples receive special items for an intimate date night along with passion tips to get even closer with their significant other. Below, you can take our intimacy quiz and learn a few tips on how to improve your connection.

Take our intimacy quiz

Couples with high levels of intimacy understand each other and have open lines of communication. This quiz will help you see where problems may be coming from and how to feel more satisfied and connected. If you answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, it’s a sign that your relationship is moving in the right direction. Don’t stress out about the questions you’ve answered “no” to. Think of this as a starting point that can guide your conversations about what your relationship should look like in the future.

Do you and your partner…

  • Support one another in your goals?
  • Make it a priority to communicate?
  • Show one another affection?
  • Treat one another with respect?
  • Make time for each other without distractions?
  • Celebrate each other’s successes?
  • Keep each other’s secrets?
  • Make important life decisions together?

Do You Have An Intimate Relationship? Take Our Quiz!

How to make intimacy a priority

It’s hard to build a real connection with someone when work and everyday errands get in the way. You can, however, start by creating small moments throughout the day to practice intimacy. Actively participate in conversations and encourage your partner to communicate everything on their mind. Listen without judgment and try to be their point person when they need support and help. Remember to unplug the electronics and talk to each other without distractions!

To reignite the relationship, you may also want to engage in a new activity with your partner. Trying something new can break up the routine and reignite the spark. Not only that, but making time to be with each other in a different environment is a wonderful way to focus on each other instead of the kids or household tasks. Going on adventurous dates together can keep the focus on your connection as a couple.

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Although intimacy may look different with each relationship, building up a strong foundation still takes time and effort. At SpicyBox, we hope you take a moment to invest in that connection with your partner. There are many ways you can increase your intimacy, starting now. Our subscription date night boxes have helped countless couples become more romantic and intimate, and they can help you too. Enjoy your monthly box without the hassle of taking a trip to the store. Sign up for your first date night box today!

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