the spicybox story

SpicyBox wants every intimate couple worldwide to have Healthy Happy Relationships

SpicyBox was created by two friends who have both been married a few years that were comparing each other’s romances. Needless to say, they were both less than exciting.

So, the SpicyBox creators started ordering date night boxes online and, well, they were less than impressed with what they received. As a matter of fact, they were disappointed and there were too many things to read, too many instructions.

The SpicyBox creators started a survey about what couples were missing in their romance departments. After a lot of research, SpicyBox founders compiled a simple list of “His” and “Hers” passion tips. It’s not just about the DATE, it’s about getting each other back in the mood to spend personal one on one time with each other.

Every couple falls into the same routine after awhile, and most couples become more like roommates that follow the same pattern day in and day out. SpicyBox will shake up your routine and make you feel passion again.

A Note From Our Team

SpicyBox wants to bring that “IN LOVE” feeling back to couples all over the world. We take pride in designing new and unique ways to spice up your life. Our passion tips will get you and your partner back in the mood. SpicyBox wants to build stronger relationships. Too many people fall out of love and wind up ending their relationship in search for that “IN LOVE” feeling.


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