7 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

If your relationship feels dull and unexciting, perhaps this is because there’s a lack of work from one or both partners. If it feels boring, you can work on the relationship to make it spicy. Read along and prepare to reignite that passion!

1. Try Something New Together

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If you feel stuck in a routine, that can be a sign that you need to make a change. Creating new experiences with your long-term partner is important to spark some of the feelings of desire and excitement from the early stages of your relationship. Whether you choose salsa dancing, cooking classes or fishing, be beginners together!

2. Keep Having Sex

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Sure, life gets in the way and priorities change. But should sex really be less important? Sexual playfulness keeps the spark alive. Have sex often but avoid it becoming something that happens at the same time, in the same place or in the same way each time.

3. Schedule Regular Date Nights

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Having a regular date night is one of the simplest ways to keep your relationship strong, but keeping those dates interesting is tough. Each SpicyBox includes unique items to be used for two creative date nights, as well as simple instructions on what to do!  While there are certainly no hard rules when it comes to how often a couple needs to go on dates, doing so with some regularity is definitely a great way to keep the bond going strong.  

4. Keep the Sexual Energy Alive

You can maintain sexual tension by expressing desire even if there isn’t an opportunity to act on it. Life gets busy, we get it! However, never stop flirting. Let that kiss goodbye before work last a bit longer than usual. Send sexy text messages during your lunch break. Put sex in eachother’s minds and let it linger throughout the day!

5. Touch Each Other Often

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Touch is something that shows that you care, whether it’s a kiss, cuddling in bed, a ruffle of the hair, a gentle rub on the back or holding hands when out walking. Intimacy is another form of communication, and touching every day helps to sustain feelings of deep attachment.  

6. Keep the Element of Surprise Alive

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Surprise creates a sense of unpredictability that can make your partner more curious about you. Curiosity helps keep the relationship fresh and alive. You can surprise your loved one by jumping in the shower with them on a Monday morning, or you can get them tickets to a concert they’ve been wanting to go to, or even just giving a sexy wink from across the room instead of a smile. Adding surprises to the relationship can be fun! 

7. Compliment Each Other

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If there’s something you love about your partner, comment on it! For example, ‘I love how kind you are to everyone around you,’ ‘The way you get dimples when you smile gets me every time,’ ‘Wow, you weren’t lying when you said you were hitting the gym!’ You know what to say. 

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