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SpicyBox Ignites Passion. Connects Couples and Creates Loving, Long Term Intimate Relationships.

How it Works?

Feel The Passion In One Simple Click
Sign up to a monthly subscription or choose from 3 or 6 month plans. SpicyBox believes that we can get any couple reconnected and feeling the passion again within 3 months. SpicyBox will keep the PASSION going with each new box.
Order before the 15th, to get the current month’s box as your first shipment. Orders ship between the 20th -30th.
Once you receive your SpicyBox, you and your partner each will have a choice of which day to have your date night. You will be given special items that will be used as clues to your partner that tonight is our date night. SpicyBox will also include His and Hers Passion Tips to keep the Passion going.

What's inside the box?

Every month you will receive His and Hers cards with unique Passion Tips designed to build a stronger connection between you and your partner and reignite the passion. Your order will include a piece from our exclusive line of SpicyBox Lingerie and a perfume sample. Also included will be unique items to be used for 2 date nights, as well simple instructions on what to do.  All of our boxes will have over $100 value. You are in charge of what day you want to have your date night and you will be given special items to use as clues as to which day you want to have your date night. Not telling your partner what day is important, this will keep your partner paying attention to you and waiting for his or her clue. We design our boxes with simple instructions, no one wants to read long journal, people just want to feel the sparks.

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A Portion of Profits are Donated to Charity Organizations, Including Food Banks and Women in Need Groups

All Orders Received Before The 15th Will Be Delivered Between the 20th-30th.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be billed?

You will be billed immediately at checkout when you sign up. Thereafter, your recurring charges will fall on the 1st of the month.

Note: The cut-off date to receive a certain Month’s Box is the 15th of the month.

For example – if you sign up on, or before, October 15th, you will be charged IMMEDIATELY – and you will receive the October Box for your first shipment. If you sign up after October 15th (and before November 15th), you will be charged IMMEDIATELY – and you will receive the November Box for your first shipment. Whether you’re subscribed to a Monthly or Prepaid Subscription plan, your recurring charges will then fall on the 1st of the month.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

What if I receive damaged or missing product or sample?

If your sample is damaged or missing, please write to us at We will take care of you!

What comes inside my SpicyBox?

You will receive SpicyBox lingerie, passion tips for him and her. As well as instructions for your Date Night and all the items needed to have a passionate, unforgettable night.

What if I don’t like the content I receive?

We hope you will love your SpicyBox. But if for some reason you are not satisfied with your items, contact for your return instructions.

I have allergies to certain products and ingredients. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that your box won’t contain any specific products or ingredients. Please check all ingredients to ensure not allergic reactions. Because we take allergies seriously and we don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver.

When will I receive my box?

Order before the 15th, to get the current month’s box as your first shipment. Orders ship between the 20th -30th. Depending on your location shipping generally takes between 5-10 business days.

How Can I Track My Package?

When your box ships, the email associated with your account will receive a tracking email.When your box ships, the email associated with your account will receive a tracking email.

What do I do if my tracking information is not updating?

If your tracking information has not updated, it is likely because your package is in transit and DHL or USPS has yet to update the tracking information by scanning the package. Please allow for 1-2 business days for your tracking information to update. If, after this time, tracking information doesn’t update, then we advise that you call the courier and see if they can offer an explanation.

Do You Ship Outside Of The United States & Canada?

SpicyBox is currently available for USA and Canada addresses only. International shipments coming soon!

I am in the Military and have an APO Address, can I join?

Yes! Please send an email to with your APO shipping details, and we will help facilitate this.

What if I want to change my address?

You can log into your account online to change your shipping address. In addition, you can also update your billing address and credit card information from your account.

What is your shipping cost? Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free across the USA. There is a $5 fee for shipping to Canada.

Why Choose SpicyBox?

Reason #1
There are a variety of “Date Night” boxes. Many of which give ideas for “projects” to do at home. We won't give you projects, we will give you PASSION!
Reason #2
At SpicyBox we build Stronger Relationships. We get BOTH partners back in the mood of Love.
Reason # 3
SpicyBox will get you and your partner thinking about each other and looking forward to date nights, and put a smile back on each other’s faces.

What People are saying?

My husband and I love each other very much. However, we’ve been married for almost 7 years and we needed to spice things up! Our Spicy Box came with such fun ideas and items for an intimate date together. I’m so happy I gave this a chance, we were so stuck in a routine that I didn’t know how we could rekindle the romance and passion in our relationship. Now I can’t wait for our next Spicy Box!

Kelly McGuire

My boyfriend and I both have very busy work schedules. We live together and after a while we kind of forgot to actually spend quality time together. We weren’t being romantic anymore and my biggest fear was to turn into roommates rather than lovers. I saw an ad for Spicy Box on Facebook and had to give it a try! When I started to give my boyfriend clues for our date, he was very into it! The Spicy Box really did give us an unforgettable night and I’m so grateful it gave us that push to start enjoying each other again. Our next date from Spicy Box arrives next week!!

Jennifer Addison

After three children and 12 years of marriage, our conversations were about work, chores and our kid’s activities. It was very flat and even though I love my husband, the passion just wasn’t there anymore. I heard about Spicy Box from a friend and I thought, why not? We’ve received two now and we are already becoming more affectionate with each other! I love the way we are mixing things up when it comes to our love life. I joined the 12 month membership so we can continue to work on our relationship and keep the passion going!

Shirley Jones


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